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I am Jewish. That means I:

-own several banks
-make matzah using the blood of gentile children
-only care about money
-am part of a cabal which controls the entire world

I am also a liberal. That means I:

-wish to destroy marriage and families
-wish to take YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY and give it to the crack addict down the street for her to use on drugs and cheap whores
-am on a mission to outlaw Christmas
-am part of a cabal which controls the entire world

I am a feminist and a lawyer and a shameless geek.

I have had two abortions and imnotsorry. I have given birth to four children, Isaac, Raphael, Saul and Naomi, and I'm not sorry about that either. I have had one miscarriage, and that I was pretty unhappy about, but I'm over it. I conceived Raphael, then Saul and Naomi (twins) via IVF. I have run the gamut of reproductive experiences. I am open about them because it's important to erase stigma.

I eat a lot of candy. I buy cases and cases. I also like to dance. and read. and sew. and watch anime.

I mod abortioninfo, faith_feminist, pregnancychoice, afterabortion, and clinic_escorts.

Just say no to sex with pro-lifers.


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